Preparing the SquashMyCar Noble M12

In addition to a bit of mechanical work, we have been getting the SquashMyCar Noble up to speed in a number of other ways to, including getting it looking spot on!  Part of the enjoyment of creating the SquashMyCar app is getting it out there and seeing people enjoy it.  We don’t believe in dry old fashioned advertising.  Instead we get stuck in and that means going where car lovers go: to the shows, to the races and the best of all auto events.  And if you’re gonna go, then go in style – that’s why the SquashMyCar Noble M12 is being transformed into the perfect SquashMyCarMobile.  That doesn’t means we’ve squashed it (not yet at least) but we have given it a great new look.  This is how we did it:

We started out on photoshop getting an idea of what we wanted.  The Noble has so many scoops, curves and undulations we had to think carefully about where to place the graphics.














Sean Davis at Creative FX produced these great mock ups









Creative FX then turned the vision into reality.  All that’s left is the wheels!







All that’s left now is to get the wheels painted and the SquashMyCar Noble will be ready to roll.  We can’t wait to travel far and wide in it and if you spot us please come and say hello!  This excellent work was carried out by Creative FX based in Bromley, Kent, UK and we are delighted with the result. Thanks guys and … SQUASH IT!


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Create the perfect Auto Profile Pic with Squash My Car

We have had numerous requests about how to make the perfect Profile Picture for Facebook, Twitter or for use on the numerous car websites and forums that so many of us use on a regular basis.  Such is the level of interest on this topic that we thought it was the perfect time to do a SquashMyCar ‘How to …’ guide.  So here goes: How to create the perfect auto Profile Picture with SquashMyCar.

1. Open your app and press start! When you hear that engine roar into life you are ready to choose between taking a photo or using an image stored on your device.  Here I am using a Ford Focus RS stock image stored on my iPhone.

Move the line through the centre of each wheel then press the green arrow.

2. Now the discs appear.  Put your finger on the left disc and move it so that it covers the left wheel.  Now move the right disc to the right wheel in the same way.  Press the green arrow.

3. You arrive at screen 3/5

Enlarge each circle with your finger so that each wheel and a portion of wheel arch is covered.  As you get to know the app you can experiment here – with some cars only a tiny bit of wheel arch is needed, with others they look great when a lot of wheel arch is included.

4. When you press the green arrow the doors will close.  They will open to reveal that body of the car has been squashed and the round wheels will appear on top ready to be put  in place.

5. Touch each wheel and move it to where it looks just right.  Remember, you can put the wheels where you like but they look best if you get all the bodywork around each wheel within the bodywork of the squashed down car.  If you don’t you can be left with wheels sticking out like on the screen shot above.

When you have positioned the wheels just right, press the green arrow and the doors will close.  When they open you have your final squashed car!

5.  Your Squashed Car!

6.  Save the image by pressing the save icon (top left).  The image will now be saved in your folder.

When you go to the folder and select the image it will look something like this:

7.  To turn Your Squashed Car into a profile picture, the best results are achieved when you crop the image down into a square shape.  This is simply because the spaces for lots of profile pictures are square.  To crop the image you need a cropping tool.  There are numerous apps out there which are either free or very cheap which provide this facility. Today I am using Camera+ which carries out the cropping job quickly and easily.

8. Your final SquashMyCar Profile Picture can then be uploaded into Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social networking or internet site you like.  Your squashed car is now your proud profile picture.  Congratulations and … SQUASH IT!

This is what SquashMyCar does. And we love it!

We have had a great week here on squash my car.  In these early days of getting out there and meeting people we have been busy on Facebook and Twitter and finding out just how much genuine enthusiasm there is out there in the car and motorsport crowds.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  It is great to be making friends along the way and we are hugely pleased that you all love the app.  That counts for a lot so thank you everyone.  It is hugely appreciated.  We have had some great support.  Just a few examples are @Drivin4Pleasure (very complimentary so thank you, thank you, thank you), @BigBearF1 (‘keep up the cracking work” We will, thanks), @BlackrockAllan (“your app is addictive, great fun!” Cheers guys), @AlistairF1 (sorry the app kept you up all night!), @japplebyracing (“I just love this app from @SquashMyCar 2 more then I will stop.” Ha ha, we knew it was addictive) and @RupertLichfield (who allowed us to use all the muscle cars on their website  This is to name just a few.  Check these guys out on Twitter.  Great fun.  To celebrate here are a couple of before and after shots.  This is what the SquashMyCar app does.