The SquashMyCar Noble M12 has arrived!

Back in April we showed you the journey the SquashMyCar Noble M12 had been on from design concept to almost finished product.  Well now the finishing touches have been added, not least painting the wheels and doing some tidying up inside also.  Our motor is now running (and looking) like a dream and we will be heading off to Le Mans in it on Wednesday 13th June in good time for the race on the 16th.  We will be staying with our friends at Travel Destinations close to the Porsche curves and will be updating you through our Facebook and Twitter pages throughout our trip – why not follow us on these pages to get stuck right in with the SquashMyCar and Le Mans spirit.  If you see us at Le Mans, come and say hello.  We can’t wait to get out there and meet fellow petrolheads, gearheads and car squashers.  Until then, enjoy the pics below and …. SQUASH IT!

More Great Squashes from SquashMyCar

A very big thank you to everyone out there sending in their squashes to our Facebook and Twitter pages – we love seeing what you are up to.  Remember to get in touch if you have any problems using the SquashMyCar app – we are always available to help with any problems, tips etc.  This is a great place to add some of our favourite recent squashes, so here goes …. SQUASH IT!  ;-)

More Reasons to Love SquashMyCar

We have been having a cool time here at SquashMyCar.  Our Noble M12 is currently at Jetstream Motorsport at Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire getting tweaked and finally sorted – it’s also getting its wheels painted orange!  Not long to go to Le Mans which will be the SquashMyCar Noble’s maiden outing in its new livery.  See our previous post for full details.  Thank you to everyone for sending in your squashed cars, including to our Facebook and Twitter pages – after all, that’s what keeps these pages buzzing and that’s what we do this for, so that you can have a bit of fun with what we all love … CARS! SquashMyCar is now selling on a global scale which pleases us greatly – last week we must say thanks to our buddies in the USA for downloading most apps, followed by the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Japan and Canada.  It’s great to know that the SquashMyCar message is fast spreading globally and we love to know that what we have created and enjoyed so much here in the UK is being enjoyed in exactly the same way so many thousands of miles away.

We pride ourselves on reacting to customer feedback and giving support to the best of our abilities.  We don’t just say how can we help … we actually mean it!  For that reason if anyone out there is experiencing any difficulties with the app in any way at all just get in touch and we will work our butts off to sort it for you – we promise!  Just get in touch here.

We couldn’t sign off without adding a few of our favourite squashes … so here goes and until next time … SQUASH IT!                      

SquashMyCar – Some Great Squashes!

We have been delighted by the number of fantastic comments we get from new users of the SquashMyCar app and how many of you are producing such brilliant squashes using the app.  Our Facebook and Twitter pages are teeming with new visitors and the huge variety of squashes they are posting.  That, after all, is what SquashMyCar is all about, the ability to do great squashes and share them with as many people as possible!  Increasingly, many of you who have downloaded the SquashMyCar app are using the images as Facebook and Twitter avatars to make your own social networking pages look even better than before!  Squashes are also being used on numerous phones as screensavers.  Whatever you are doing with your images, keep ‘em coming to us because we love seeing what YOU are creating with the app.  Here are a few of your and our favourites.  SQUASH IT!








Nismo Racing Division … enhanced by squashing!

Squash My Car can turn to any marque and squash it proud but today is the turn of Nismo, the Nissan race division which will be going in-house with Nissan from 2013. We love Nismo because it produces spitting, snarling racing machines, cars which look like racers and sound like racers.  It’s no surprise that they usually win too.  In true winning form we have squashed a few Nismos and we are pleased with the results, not least because the weight loss will make them unbeatable.  That said, others may catch on and there may well be other squashed racers appearing on these pages in the not-too-distant-future!


Squash My Porsche

We are always grateful at Squash My Car for rave reviews, especially when we know our app has had the effect it was designed for – to get people to forget all about work and get SQUASHING instead! So we couldn’t have been more pleased when the guys at Ferdinand Magazine, the new free monthly digital magazine for Porsche enthusiasts, told us that this was exactly what had happened to them when the Squash My Car app appeared in their office.  ”We have to confess,” they say, “we’ve been wasting time in the Ferdinand offices this morning, thanks to a great little iPhone and Android app. Squash my Car does exactly what it says on the tin…” Read on here …

Well it got us thinking.  We have always loved squashing Porsches.  The reality is that we love squashing everything (with two wheels) but the Porsche seems to squash particularly well.  For this reason, here is our tribute to the mighty Porsche.  To check out the amazing Ferdinand Magazine click here: 


23rd January 2012.  Today is launch day!  Squash My Car is now in the Apple app store for iPhone & iPod users and on Android Market for Android users.  It is fantastic to be here and we cannot wait for what lies ahead.  Squash My Car will be bringing you up-to-date images from motorsport events across the globe and the best squashed car images from all of them.  Wherever you are in the world, if you have a smartphone and a Squash My Car app you can share your images with us here on the Squash My Car blog and on Facebook and Twitter #SquashMyCar.   We welcome all app users to follow us on Twitter and to like our Facebook page so we can keep in touch with everyone in the Squash My Car community.  Send us your best squashed cars, the greatest of which we will highlight here and on our Facebook & Twitter pages for special recognition and a host of great prizes.  When you press start and here that engine fire up, you will have started on the terrific journey that is Squash My Car, the newest form of motorsport.  Thanks for joining us.  SQUASH IT!



Champagne corks will be popping here on Monday 23rd January when the SQUASH MY CAR App finally goes live on the Apple and Android App stores.  We can’t wait to see the great squashes you come up with using the app!  Make sure that you post your favourites right here on the BLOG.  The best thing is you can squash at any time wherever you happen to be – so we’ll be seeing great squashes from Daytona at the end of January to local motorsport events wherever you happen to be in any part of the world.  By the end of the year the collection of squashed cars is going to be AMAZING and we hope everyone has a great time building this collection up. We will be running competitions for our favourite squashes and adding great pics from all the great motoring events we have in our diaries for 2012.  This is going to be a great year and we want everyone using the app to have fun.  So from Monday enjoy it and keep squashing!