The SquashMyCar Noble M12 has arrived!

Back in April we showed you the journey the SquashMyCar Noble M12 had been on from design concept to almost finished product.  Well now the finishing touches have been added, not least painting the wheels and doing some tidying up inside also.  Our motor is now running (and looking) like a dream and we will be heading off to Le Mans in it on Wednesday 13th June in good time for the race on the 16th.  We will be staying with our friends at Travel Destinations close to the Porsche curves and will be updating you through our Facebook and Twitter pages throughout our trip – why not follow us on these pages to get stuck right in with the SquashMyCar and Le Mans spirit.  If you see us at Le Mans, come and say hello.  We can’t wait to get out there and meet fellow petrolheads, gearheads and car squashers.  Until then, enjoy the pics below and …. SQUASH IT!


After the success of our earlier Squash My Porsche entry we couldn’t resist turning to the mighty Ferrari which, we are pleased to say, squashes brilliantly in all its forms. Known for its stunning Italian design and racing credentials, here is our tribute to Ferrari from Le Mans in the 1970s to recent road racers.  This is just the tip of the iceberg but it leaves us (and you) loads to track down and squash in the future. SQUASH IT!