SquashMyCar – Some Great Squashes!

We have been delighted by the number of fantastic comments we get from new users of the SquashMyCar app and how many of you are producing such brilliant squashes using the app.  Our Facebook and Twitter pages are teeming with new visitors and the huge variety of squashes they are posting.  That, after all, is what SquashMyCar is all about, the ability to do great squashes and share them with as many people as possible!  Increasingly, many of you who have downloaded the SquashMyCar app are using the images as Facebook and Twitter avatars to make your own social networking pages look even better than before!  Squashes are also being used on numerous phones as screensavers.  Whatever you are doing with your images, keep ‘em coming to us because we love seeing what YOU are creating with the app.  Here are a few of your and our favourites.  SQUASH IT!








This is what SquashMyCar does. And we love it!

We have had a great week here on squash my car.  In these early days of getting out there and meeting people we have been busy on Facebook and Twitter and finding out just how much genuine enthusiasm there is out there in the car and motorsport crowds.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  It is great to be making friends along the way and we are hugely pleased that you all love the app.  That counts for a lot so thank you everyone.  It is hugely appreciated.  We have had some great support.  Just a few examples are @Drivin4Pleasure (very complimentary so thank you, thank you, thank you), @BigBearF1 (‘keep up the cracking work” We will, thanks), @BlackrockAllan (“your app is addictive, great fun!” Cheers guys), @AlistairF1 (sorry the app kept you up all night!), @japplebyracing (“I just love this app from @SquashMyCar 2 more then I will stop.” Ha ha, we knew it was addictive) and @RupertLichfield (who allowed us to use all the muscle cars on their website www.newport-imports.com).  This is to name just a few.  Check these guys out on Twitter.  Great fun.  To celebrate here are a couple of before and after shots.  This is what the SquashMyCar app does.


23rd January 2012.  Today is launch day!  Squash My Car is now in the Apple app store for iPhone & iPod users and on Android Market for Android users.  It is fantastic to be here and we cannot wait for what lies ahead.  Squash My Car will be bringing you up-to-date images from motorsport events across the globe and the best squashed car images from all of them.  Wherever you are in the world, if you have a smartphone and a Squash My Car app you can share your images with us here on the Squash My Car blog and on Facebook and Twitter #SquashMyCar.   We welcome all app users to follow us on Twitter and to like our Facebook page so we can keep in touch with everyone in the Squash My Car community.  Send us your best squashed cars, the greatest of which we will highlight here and on our Facebook & Twitter pages for special recognition and a host of great prizes.  When you press start and here that engine fire up, you will have started on the terrific journey that is Squash My Car, the newest form of motorsport.  Thanks for joining us.  SQUASH IT!